Cassidy Wightman: Four Years On Varsity



LRHS varsity volleyball has had one player remain on the team the past four years — Cassidy Wightman. 

Wightman has shown dedication and commitment to this team and has become a leader for this LRHS team. 

Leesville volleyball has had a very good volleyball team over the past four years and the main reason behind their success are players like Wightman who have been leaders and great players for this team. 

“Being the player on the team that’s played on the team the longest changed my perspective as a player,” said Wightman. Her perspective has changed because she has learned and evolved as a player and a teammate, in the beginning she was the “young one of the pack” now she is the one leading the pack.

The most important thing Wightman has taken away from LRHS volleyball is “learning to  become a leader and the importance of being a teammate.” LRHS varsity volleyball has taught Wightman the importance of what being part of a team means. 

When finally asked about what Wightman will miss most about Leesville volleyball, she said, “having a team also my classmates.” 

She emphasized that getting close with your classmates or teammates plays a key role in your team’s success and your happiness on the team. 


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