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Class of 2021


#greenscreenvideo such a bittersweet moment 🥺 #graduation #2021 #graduation2021 #fypシ

♬ original sound – John DeJesus


Class of 2021 has been blowing up TikTok with videos of their graduations. A variety of sounds are being used but many chose to use this clip from the song “High School Musical” which is in the third installment of the movie franchise. So to all of the class of 2021, have a very happy graduation and everyone is looking forward to what you do in the future.


A Real-Life Iron Man



Kiara Tymec is a tinkerer and lover of all things Marvel. For over a year, Tymec has spent her time creating a functioning replica of iconic Iron Man suits including Mark 42, Mark 7, and Mark 46. Most recently, she has begun work on a Captain America wing suit similar to that of the Falcon. To keep up with her projects you can find her on Instagram as well as on Youtube and Tiktok where she posts regular updates of her projects.


Happy Birthday Charlie Watts



Twitter celebrates as Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts turns eighty. Many fans are talking about how Charlie has been holding the band together and how without him, the Stones would not be where they are today.


Go Team U.S.A!



Evy Leibfarth is a competitive kayaker and canoer who recently qualified for the 2021 U.S. Olympic team. She began participating competitively at twelve, and after placing in the junior trials, she started competing internationally in countries like New Zealand, Australia and Germany. In the Olympics she will be competing in the canoe Slalom, so keep an eye out and be sure to cheer for her in the games!


June Positivity



Twitter user Mai H. posted a photo of a sticky note filled with reminders for this June. The sticky note is filled with statements to manifest positivity including “June will be filled with happiness” and “Good things are attracted to me”.



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