Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Let’s be honest: School is one of the worst things to ever be created. The concept of waking up early to learn meaningless information for months, even years, is an absolute waste of precious time…time that could be spent in other beneficial ways such as sleeping, playing video games, or spending time with friends!

School is the devil of childhood, adolescence, and for some, adulthood. From kindergarten through college-level education, students must bear the tremendous burden of going to school and learning pointless material. Nobody wants to be lectured for hours on end, especially about boring topics that serve no purpose in life.

Although schools provide healthy environments for social interaction, students squander their time in the classroom, day-in and day-out.

Just ask yourself! What sounds more fun: Being stuck in school learning about the Declaration of Independence for an hour, or spending quality time with friends and family? 

The second option sounds better, doesn’t it? This is because school wastes time and takes away the fun opportunities one could have outside of the classroom doing other activities. Why learn about our nation’s history when you could be out playing pickup basketball with your friends? Or catching up on some sleep? The sad fact is that the majority of students in the United States spend nearly 13 or more years of their lives in school, wasting their days on meaningless knowledge that doesn’t impact their lives in any way. According to, an average American spends about 15 percent of their life in school – 15 percent of a student’s life, rotted away by education. 

The truth is, nobody needs to spend hours a day learning!

With all the answers, definitions, and knowledge within any smartphone, students do not need to wither their time away in the classroom for hours each day. Tik Tok, YouTube, and Yahoo are just a few examples of educational search engines/apps. All of which provide students with the clear, factual information they need to know at the blink of an eye!

School is an avenue for waste of talent and time. A young mind doesn’t need to be tortured by endless education. A young life doesn’t need to be wasted away by school.

By Chase Dutton, staff writer

Hi! My name is Chase and I am a staff writer for The Mycenaean. Two fun facts about me are that I enjoy playing guitar with my dad and friends, and I also am a two-time spikeball tournament champion.

One thought on “Why School is a Complete Waste of Time – Satire”
  1. Yesss soo truuue!! I regret every sec iv spent in school yukkjkjjjkkk
    Btw u cute
    Ty for this article keep ittt<3

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