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Friends Reunion



My personality in a nutshell, would y'all watch this show? ##friendsreunion is streaming May 27th only on HBOMax ##ad

♬ I’ll Be There For You – The Rembrandts


On May 27, the gang’s back together from everyone’s favorite 90s sitcom for the new reunion show. The Friends Reunion show will stream on HBO Max. Fans are coming together to share their excitement and love for the original show.


Not an Everyday Sport



They might not work like the massive lazers of Star Wars movies, but Lightsabers are still an exciting weapon to wield. The woman using this Lightsaber is Michelle Smith, a stunt woman, actress, and prop spinner that you might have seen in movies and shows like Percy Jackson, Deadpool and Supergirl. She started training at the age of five and is now a world champion baton twirler. Today she not only competes but also teaches people how to do it themselves in classes.


A Quiet Place Part II


With the lift of the mask mandate, the country seems to be going back to normal. With this comes the return to frequenting the movie theaters, and the May 28 release of A Quiet Place Part II is not falling short. After the massive success of the first movie, the long-awaited sequel is finally hitting theaters just in time for everyone to safely sit back and enjoy.


Where Can I Learn To Shred Like That?



Ichika Nito is a Japanese guitarist and producer known for playing “impossible” riffs. Mainly his music is released onto Youtube where he has roughly 1.5 million subscribers, however, Nito is also part of two bands — an R&B group called Dios and a jazz fusion group called Ichikoro. Nito releases his original tabs and songs onto a website, if you are interested in playing some of them you can find them here. 


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