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John Mulaney is Back



After spending some time in rehab for a longtime struggle with substance abuse, John Mulaney has officially released tickets for his newest comedy shows. Mulaney went into rehab a few months back and fans were saddened to see him go but knew that it was for his well-being. Twitter is now getting excited to have their beloved comedian back in the business.


Who Said You Can’t Shred on a Ukulele?



Made in South Africa by brothers Brian and Mark Fanner, fanner ukuleles are top of the line and perfect for any die hard fan of the instrument. With the tuning and playability of a tenor or baritone ukulele, and the sound of an electric guitar, this instrument is truly unique. These ukuleles are all completely custom made but you can hear some of the sample sounds on their shop’s page.


Teacher Appreciation



#stitch with @mr.pyper On the real though, this was super thoughtful🙌🏼 #teacher #students #school #fyp

♬ original sound – Mr. Pyper


In celebration of teacher appreciation week, local TikTok star Mr. Pyper posted a video about a gift a student got him. Pyper previously posted a video about how he liked Gushers and got jealous when he saw a kid at lunch with them, and one student took that to heart, coming in later with two packs of Gushers for Pyper. “This is why I love teaching,” Pyper said in the video.


That’s One Large Lizard



Kat Swenski is a comic artist who specializes in implementing silly and bizarre gifs into her comics. This strip, based around the now famous video of a massive lizard in a supermarket, is just one example of all the odd creatures that show up in her comics. Some of her other works include personified deer, frogs, rabbits, and even crabs. 


No More Facebook for the Former President



Facebook’s oversight board has officially come to the decision to permanently ban Donald Trump from the platform. This decision comes months after he was initially put on a temporary ban after the Capitol raid. Facebook was the only company who had yet to permanently ban Trump from their platform.


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