Art Unblocked 2021: The Story

The main page of the online exhibit has pictures of all the artwork and the names of the artists. From there, viewers can learn more about the artists or select pieces to buy. (Screenshot courtesy of Savannah Sinor)
By: Savannah Sinor


Together, Arts Access and the City of Raleigh’s Block Gallery, are hosting the Art Unblocked exhibit from March 3 to May 14. The show consists of works from artists from across the state who have disabilities.

You can see their artwork at the Block Gallery, which is on the first and second floors of Raleigh’s municipal building. The building is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Monday through Friday. When visiting, everyone must stop at the front desk to undergo a quick health screening. Visitors are also required to wear a mask and follow standard COVID procedures while in the exhibit. 

Instead of going in person, you can view the gallery online at this website. The main page shows all of the artwork and lists the artists. From there, you can either search by artist or scroll through till you find one you like. 

Most of the work is for sale, ranging from $35 to $3000. This exhibit is unique because it is not a commission show. All of the money from the sales will go directly to the artists. From photographs to abstract paintings, there is a wide variety of artwork to choose from. 

For the artists, these pieces are more than work. They represent their lives. 



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