The Beauty of the Warehouse District


Street Art

Ann and Allen Iverson

Steve Powers painted Ann and Allen Iverson in 2018 as a “shoutout to moms everywhere,” according to the Downtown Raleigh Alliance. A real-life moment when former Sixers player Allen Iverson got his hair braided by his mother mid-game inspired the mural.

Beautifying Emerging Spaces Together

In 2012, a team by the name of B.E.S.T. created Beautifying Emerging Spaces Together. B.E.S.T. is composed of Raleigh residents, business owners, and artists. The mural is over 150 feet tall and painted on the vacant Dillon Supply buildings.

Out and About

Downtown Raleigh’s warehouse district boasts a rich LGBTQIA+ history and plenty of local businesses. The mural depicts a family exploring the local shops and historic community on First Friday.

Kalee (Kiwi) Calhoun painted the mural. She comes from Raleigh and is currently a Master of Fine Arts Candidate at the Rhode Island School of Design. A few passions of Calhoun’s include queer culture, functional arts and crafts, and spending time in nature.

Raleigh Founded

The Raleigh Founded mural is arguably one of the most Instagrammable murals downtown. The mural is painted on the side of a co-working space that goes by the same name. Mayanthi Jayawardena painted the mural in 2020 to refresh the mural from HQ Raleigh to Raleigh Founded. Jayawardena owns a company called Serendib Creative, which focuses on creating her own art as well as art for commission. Jayawardena also works on photography and videography

Thank You For Riding Your Bike

Oaks and Spokes, a Raleigh biking community, painted the mural back in 2018. The mural is a celebration of the first-ever Fall Bike Festival they hosted and is currently on the side of Crank Arm Brewing Company.

Union Station

Raleigh’s Union Station is a huge center for travel. This mural depicts a sidewalk-accessed entrance leading into the station where busy travelers head up and down the stairs constantly. Robert Quinn painted the mural back in 2019 and it has been sitting on W Martin St and S West St since.

Food and Drink

Humble Pie

Ever since 1989, Humble Pie has been at the heart of the Warehouse District. They serve delicious dishes made for family and friends to share. With spacious indoor dining and a beautiful outdoor patio, it is a key spot for Raleigh cuisine.

Videri Chocolate Factory

All it took to open Videri Chocolate Factory was a group of friendly people who wanted to see chocolate created from bean to bar. They boast high-quality chocolate and a welcoming factory to better the community. You can order a variety of treats including bars, bonbons, and even cocoa tea. The factory also hosts tours but they are unfortunately closed at this time.

Crank Arm Brewing Company

Crank Arm Brewing started with the dream of combining biking and beer. They finally achieved this goal in 2013 when they first opened their doors.
The founders, Mike, Adam, Dylan, and Bob, began working on the brewery in January 2013 and officially opened to the public in July 2013 due to Kickstarter support. They work with Oaks and Spokes as well as Triangle Spokes Group to keep the biking community happy. The NC Brewers Guild is also involved with the establishment.

Barcelona Wine and Bar

For award-winning Spanish tapas, Barcelona Wine and Bar is the place to go. On 430 West Martin, Chef Walter Silva serves delicious dishes for all of Raleigh to enjoy.

CAM Raleigh

The Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh or CAM Raleigh is a multimedia art gallery in the Warehouse District of Downtown. The museum features a wide variety of art and cultural experiences created by living artists.
A building with compelling architecture and unique exhibits helps breathe life into the already beautiful Warehouse District.

Raleigh Denim Workshop

Sarah Yarborough and Victor Lytvinenko started Raleigh Denim Workshop in 2007 with the dream of making an ideal pair of jeans. It may seem lame to some, but Yarborough and Lytvineko have made an incredible business out of their dream.

All of the jeans are made in the Downtown warehouse with old-school machines that were personally repaired by staff. The jeans made here are so personal that every pair is signed by their creator.

Father and Son Antiques

Father and Son Antiques has been selling mid-century modern furniture and clothing since 1997. Located next to Union Station, it is a homey store full of old records and welcoming staff that love to sell to their community.


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