Feelings on Full-Time School


After almost a full year away from school, Wake County decided to open up Plan A to students. This means that in-person students can return full-time. (Photo in public domain)

On Monday night, the Wake County Board of Education officially voted to allow students in grades 6-12 to return to Plan A instruction in April.

If any students choose Plan A they will be returning to in-person instruction full-time and for the rest of the year. This means that cohorts will officially go away and the only other option remaining is Virtual Academy.

Plan B students who chose Plan A will begin returning to school on Thursday, April 8. Virtual Academy students who wish to return will return to campus no later than April 19 to allow time for any necessary schedule changes.

This deadline does not apply to students with an IEP or 504.

Naturally, this decision was met with mixed emotions.

Some students believe that the school board made the right call sending students back. Jayden Mancini, sophomore, recited multiple reasons why she supports the decision. “My attention does not get distracted as easily and I am more focused on what I am doing,” said Mancini over text. She also believes she gets more work done and better understands the material.

On the other hand, many students believe that the school board should have kept students at home. 

Dayna Wilkerson, another sophomore, believes the school board was hasty because she has safety concerns surrounding social distancing and potential outbreaks. “Overall, we shouldn’t go back because some of the kids aren’t responsible enough and social distancing would probably not be able to occur,” said Wilkerson, over text.

No matter how students feel about going back, Plan B and Virtual Academy students now have the opportunity to choose if they would like to stay home or attend in-person instruction full-time. Families have until April 1 to make this decision and communicate it to the school.


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