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Grammy Award Winner Harry Styles



Fans are ecstatic that Harry Styles won his first Grammy award — Best Pop Solo Performance. Not only did they get to see Styles win and deliver an acceptance speech, but they also received a new performance from Styles as he was one of the artists that opened the show. 





Anyone feeling claustrophobic? @netflix ##yesdaychallenge ##ad

♬ I Feel Good – From the Netflix Film Yes Day – Saint Motel


The new movie Yes Day on Netflix has inspired this challenge on Tiktok. People will do whatever funny challenge the wheel lands on, like putting on every jacket they own. 


Ringo Starr Presents Record of the Year to Billie Eilish



Viewers were shocked and surprised to see Ringo Starr, the 80-year-old Beatles member, up on stage presenting an award at the Grammys. Looking young and healthy as ever, Starr recalled his memories at the show and awarded Eilish with the Grammy for Record of the Year.


A Settlement for George Floyd



George Floyd’s family will receive 27 million dollars as a settlement. While this money does not fully make up for their great loss, it is a victory for the family and everyone else who has fought for justice over Floyd’s death last year. 


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