Walking empty halls

Leesville is being extra precautious when it comes to the safety of the Pride. Signs like this are all across campus, reminding students to help the entire community. (Screenshot Courtesy of Leesville “Protect Our Pride” video)

Delays, cancellations, and confusion muddled Wake County’s original plan to reopen campus, but the fateful week finally came. Cohort B entered a changed Leesville on Wednesday 17, walking the halls to a brand new world. 

Rasheed Ighali, senior, walked the quiet halls that were once filled with so much life. “The amount of people had been considerably chopped, especially seniors” he commented. Looking back at the cramped halls and hectic transitions, this new atmosphere is an entirely new world. “It’s much calmer and I actually prefer it,” said Ighali. 

Seniors are lucky enough to know how Leesville used to be — before the whole pandemic rocked the community — but the incoming freshmen are entering an entirely new experience. Disinfectants, hand sanitizers, masks, temp checks, they’re all essential in the classrooms. 

Attitude and patience are also essential in these halls. Wearing your mask all day, avoiding close contact with friends, and being patient with teachers goes a long way. They haven’t had students in their classrooms since March 2020 so expect lively conversations — especially since there are five or six people in each classroom. “Prepare to have to talk to your teachers a lot,” said Ighali, noting their excitement at having students in person again. 

School won’t be the same for at least a few years, but our current plan is the best we can work with for now. Embrace the change, adapt to the obstacles, and stay strong Pride!


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