Being a High School student in 2021

Leesville Road High School has made changes to accommodate for students returning to school. Here’s what you need to know before returning to campus. (Photo courtesy of Alexis Taylor)

After 11 months in quarantine, students finally begin to return to Leesville Road High School’s campus for in person learning.  Several changes have been implemented to ensure the safety of everyone on campus.  Here’s what you need to know before going back to school.

What can students expect when going back to school?

As a student in Plan B’s second rotation, I’ve had the first opportunity to return to Leesville Road High School.  I can definitely say that this year is much different than any of my other years at LRHS.

When students first get to school, they are asked a series of questions related to Covid-19.  If they haven’t been exposed and don’t have any of the symptoms, they are temperature checked and allowed into the school buildings.

The biggest changes for returning LRHS students

One of the biggest changes that I would warn students returning to school about is the hallways.  Over my two years at LRHS, I have learned which hallways and stairwells are the quickest to navigate, and I’m sure many other students have their plans mapped out too.  

Forget everything you’ve mapped out during your time at Leesville.  The halls and stairways have been changed to accommodate only one way foot traffic.  While the class change period has been extended, definitely make sure you have a general look around your classes to make sure where you are going before the day starts.  This will definitely help you with getting around campus quickly and easily when you return to school.  

Keep in mind that the shortcuts that many students normally take will not be accessible in the way we were used to.  Make sure you account for the extra distance you may need to take to get to class.

The final important change I wanted to share is the change to Leesville’s lunch schedule.  This year, LRHS is back to the three lunch rotations.  Students are assigned a rotation by their third period teacher.  

The cafeteria isn’t loud and full of life as it has in years past.  Students have to wait until everyone is seated at their individual tables before they can remove their masks and start eating, which takes a chunk of the actual lunch time away from eating.  Students are also required to sit in silence when they don’t have their masks on, all facing in the same direction by section, making the 25 minute period seem like forever.  

Of course, everyone has to keep their masks on at all times while both inside the buildings and outside on campus.  These changes and helping ensure that everyone at Leesville Road High School remains safe when they are back on campus to learn.


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