Senior spotlight: Hannah Bateman


Hannah Bateman has played an incredible role in the building of the Leesville community. Through her involvement in sports, academics, and community service, she can always be counted on. (photo courtesy of @LRHS_LadyLax)

Hannah Bateman has been a part of the Leesville Road High School community for over 8 years now. Since her oldest sister Lindsey entered the school in 2013, the Batemans have been involved in community service and have shown dedication towards the academic and athletic communities here at Leesville. 

Bateman, co-president of the LEO club at LRHS, is determined to serve her community through donations and service. This past summer, Bateman spent most of her days sewing masks for the school, and she never misses out on a volunteer opportunity. Always willing to put others first, Bateman dedicates a lot of her time towards helping those in need. 

Bateman is also on the LRHS yearbook committee and has reached out to countless students to try and make this year’s yearbook just as special and successful as years past. Her perseverance through online interviews and surveys shows how she never takes shortcuts and always strives for greatness. Bateman is also a part of Quill and Scroll, the Journalism National Honor Society here at Leesville. In this club, she writes about activities going on around the school and community, showing her involvement with others and her strides to make a difference by sharing important stories. 

Bateman shows her service towards Leesville with her multitude of extracurricular activities. She is a part of Rho Kappa (National Social Studies Honor Society), National English Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, and National Honor Society, all high honors. These clubs highlight service in the community and high academic standing. Bateman is also a member of the varsity lacrosse team at LRHS.

Bateman has been on the LRHS lacrosse team all four years of high school, starting off with JV her freshman year, moving to Varsity her sophomore year. “My favorite memory would have to be the random dance parties we had during workouts and always cheering family on at the end of practice and at games!” said Bateman via text. She is super supportive when it comes to family and friends, always picking up those around her in her positivity. 

“Everyday I get to be around my coaches and teammates is a good day because we really are one big supportive family,” wrote Bateman. She never takes anything for granted, always thankful for what she has and supporting those who aren’t as fortunate. Bateman encourages her younger teammates to, “appreciate how lucky you are to play the sport you love and be able to play it with your team.” 

Bateman is a role model for all of the Leesville community. Her time dedicated to making the school a better place has not gone unnoticed, and her kindness to others shines through all aspects of her life.


  1. Hannah,
    you have been special from the moment of birth. We are proud of your character, determination, and accomplishments. We are looking forward as you move into the next phase of your life, App State! We love you way much! love, N&P


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