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Countless conservative podcasts have hit the internet lately, especially with major social media platforms banning the content. They tend to share similar opinions and mindsets on issues the Republican party faces. (Photos courtesy of Twitter, collage courtesy of Ellie Bruno)

DISCLAIMER: Conspiracy theories and statements later proven to be false are discussed in this article. 

You’ve probably heard the phrase “post-truth society” when someone describes our current disposition as a nation. No matter what end of the political spectrum you fall under, we live in a dystopian nightmare in regards to the media. Non-biased media sources are under constant scrutiny of the public, labels like “leftist” and “conservative” are now common adjectives we throw on anything we don’t agree with. 

Now more than ever with a new administration, right-leaning media outlets and Trump supporters are louder than ever with their voices, but what exactly are they saying? With my PC on incognito mode, I dove headfirst into the world of conservative conspiracy theories out of sheer curiosity, and to bring light to some of these unexplored areas of the internet. 

Red Pill News

Zack Pane — aka “The Corruption Detector” — explores “news you won’t find anywhere else” from his perspective as a Patriot. With 82 episodes ranging from election fraud coverage, Chinese infiltration, and even a 3 year anniversary episode for Q (aka the “Truth Movement”), Pane amassed 2.8k followers with his weekly news updates. His most recent installment posted January 12 focuses on the Capital riot on January 6 — which he admits to going to as he recounts the feeling of the atmosphere first hand. 

Ten minutes into an episode posted in October 2020, Pane covered evidence of election fraud, swearing in Amy Coney Barrett into the Supreme Court, Joe Biden profiting off of his own son, and said son being part of a child slave trade group, along with accusing him of being on crack/cocaine. Structurally, Pane presents his information with full confidence and assurance, using language to rile up both his supporters and his opponents, knowing full well that “the leftist liberals” will use it against him.

Further ruffling feathers, Pane’s commentary on the Capital includes FBI involvement, ANTIFA staging and setups, and claimed it was all a ruse to “point a false flag” of blame. He doesn’t back these claims up with sources often, but instead presents it as common knowledge as he pins blame on “the Deep State.” Nevertheless, Pane is just one of the many podcasters using this format to present their opinions. 

X22 Report

Another popular podcast that’s gained huge traction in the conservative environment is “X22 Report”, a “daily show that covers the economy, political and geopolitical issues. Join me and many others to fight for what is rightfully ours.” With 3.1k followers and only 9 available episodes, X22 is full of hyperbolic hooks and intense discussions with a strong message of support of Trump. 

In their latest episode — posted January 15 2021 — X22 reports that Biden’s coming to office is “a warning storm ahead”, and that his plan of raising the national minimum wage is a tool to destroy the economy. 

“We can see the agenda of the Deep State, of the Central Bank. They want to bring us back to that ‘new normal’. Yes in these last four years unemployment was very very low. Yes, in these last four years, businesses were expanding. Yes, in these last four years, farmers were getting additional funds from tariffs from China. Yes, in the last four years we saw businesses build up in all different areas like Maine, Wisconsin, and other areas…well don’t get used to that.” — X22

X22 also references widespread hopes that Trump will be in office once again during the next election, and that “mainstream media” is villainizing him instead of praising him. Much like similar podcast hosts, X22 presents his information with strong conviction and not much sourced material. Instead he puts his full faith into his words — even claiming Trump is “playing with the Deep State.” Quoting tweets from far right Twitter users add fuel to his fire, continuing to elaborate on ideas of a “false flag” and “ANTIFA setup” on January 6. His passion flows to borderline hysteria, raising questions about our views of the government. 

SGT Report’s The Propaganda Antidote

Government isn’t the only subject in question though: SGT Report (“your daily source for truth in a time of universal deceit.”) covers other topics rocking the nation, like COVID, the vaccines in the making, and even 5G networks. 

Posted January 29, titled “RED ALERT WARNING: IT’S SO DIABOLICAL EVEN MERCK WANTS OUT!”, host Shawn holds a brief update regarding the ever-changing COVID status of the United States; he goes into specific detail about the dangers of the vaccine, the deaths that are caused by it, and how they destroy “the sovereignty of your body.” With news that Merck quit their attempts at creating a COVID vaccine, Shawn builds the picture of a toxic bio weapon used against the world. 

As for politics, Shawn brought Josh from the Flat Earth Brothers channel to discuss “the phony President” and “many other obvious deceptions” in government. Messages of clear election fraudulence, staged riots, and the idea of the GOP sabotaging the Patriot Movement — even linking it to The Lego Movie — are all brought up. They show sympathy for the folks who voted for Biden, saying they’re “blinded by hate” and genuinely “don’t know what they’re voting for.” 

Sitting at my table listening to these podcasts was certainly an odd experience. Every day, people log into Gab or PodBean to hear “the truth”, while also claiming such a truth doesn’t exist anymore. 

Personal biases aside, I suggest we all take a look at the other side of an argument — both the extremists and the civil disagreements. Instead of taking an aggressive approach to such divisive topics, we as a society need to form a better rhetoric without all the hysteria.  



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