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It’s not uncommon to find podcasts investigating popular conspiracies. Political conspiracies get a little messy at times, often mixing fact with fiction. (Screengrab of @TrueAnonPod on Twitter)

I can’t write an article about conservative think-tanks and conspiracy theories without looking at the other side. While not as sensationalized as QAnon or Parlor, left-leaning politics have their fair share of unsightly ideologies and conspiracies. 

Just like their counterparts, liberal extremists easily spread misinformation like wildfire — whether on FaceBook or Twitter — no matter how outrageous it sounds. If anything, the more hyperbole-saturated a title sounds, the more likely it is to be shared. In the form of podcasts, blogs, or tweets, conspiracies are becoming more and more common in everyday life. 

The Palmer Report

You won’t find much if you try searching for Bill Palmer’s previous work experience, only the fact that his name is rising in the indie news community. Through his independent political site, Palmer and his staff make up The Palmer Reporta liberal-leaning news source. Palmer and co. wrote extensively about Trump and his administration, especially following any Russia scandals that followed the 45th President. However, it’s easy to see this isn’t thorough reporting. 

Anything regarding the Trump era is a minefield because so much happened in four years that it’s hard to keep track of the truth. However, it’s clear that Palmer and co. use this to their advantage. 

August 27, 2016: “Sick dude Donald Trump brags he’ll get the black vote because NBA star’s cousin was murdered

August 24, 2016: “Donald Trump will burn in hell for his sabotage of the Clinton Foundation charity and the lives he’s costing

November 19, 2016: “After Hamilton cast lectures Mike Pence, whiner-in-chief Donald Trump demands safe spaces” 

The list of articles goes on and on, amassing almost 800 pages of articles ranging from election to television critiques. Palmer’s most recent articles boast photoshopped jail bars on Trump and his supporters — all linking together to his impeachment trial in the Senate. 

While Palmer presents this information with full confidence and assurance, not many people know where he gets this information. Len Edgerly, a fellow reporter and host of The Kindle Chronicles, wrote about this mysterious new source on, a blog site. Interestingly enough, Edgerly mentions the “About” page on The Palmer Report, with a statement from Palmer himself: “Every one of our articles includes supporting source links for independent verification.” After checking Palmer’s site, that statement was not present, and I couldn’t find any supporting material to any of the articles. 

Sites like these require a grain of salt when reading, especially in a society that values the truth so deeply, but can never seem to reach it. 


Surprisingly enough, there aren’t that many serious podcasts about left-leaning conspiracy theories. If anything, most of them either discuss the ideas of liberalism, or are more comedic in nature — poking fun at any theories rather than investigating them. That would be the case with TrueAnon, a podcast hosted by self proclaimed “unlicensed private investigators Liz Fraczak, Brace Belden, and @yung-chomsky.” 

Originally made to investigate the odd circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, the podcast utilizes satire to touch on serious events ranging from the Blackwater guards in Iraq to Jon Benet Ramsay being connected to Hunter Biden.

A lot of discussion goes into these episodes, and the hosts seem to know what they’re talking about, but like every sensationalized media outlet, there’s exaggeration left and right. Wild assumptions, mediocre investigative work, and a strange obsession with cheese pizza dominate this “non-pedophile podcast”. At the end of the day, it’s just conspiracy theories. 

Both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of exaggerating the truth. Coming up with elaborate schemes to make their opponents look worse is just stirring a boiling pot. Soon, in some way or another, the pot is going to boil over. These alternative media sources are ramping up American hysteria, so take them all with a grain of salt.  



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