A Corona Swim Meet

Wondering what an aquatic sport looks like during COVID? Read on to find out. (Photo courtesy Asis Johnson)

Wake County swimmers and divers were extremely anxious at the beginning of the school year to find out if they would be having a season this school year. With the pandemic limiting opportunities, many athletes thought it would not be possible to swim for high school this year. 

However, Wake County put several rules in place in order to give swimmers and divers their season. 

So how exactly do we stay COVID safe during a sport that involves entering the water? Well, unlike other sports this year, we obviously do not swim with our masks on. But, of course a mask is still a crucial part of being at an event with so many people. Swimmers are required to wear masks all times until they step up behind the block. Soaking wet or not, a mask must be on your face until you are ready to dive in.

As expected, high school swim was very limited this year. Coaches are only allowed to bring a total of ten girls and ten boys to each meet, versus an unlimited number of swimmers in previous years. 

Leesville owed everyone to tryout to make the team; however, every team member did not get to swim in every meet. 

Unlike other sports, swimmers and divers were not allowed to have any spectators, and teammates were not allowed to cheer for each other. 

A tradition continued, and seniors were still recognized at CAP-7, the conference meet. Instead of walking across the deck like Senior Night had been done before, each team sent in a powerpoint of their seniors to be displayed at the facility (Triangle Aquatic Center), and seniors were given flowers and small gift bags within their teams. 

Although interactions at swim meets this year were very limited, swimmers and divers made the absolute most out of their season.


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