Ricky Montgomery and mxmtoon’s “Line Without a Hook” Duet

Ricky Montgomery recently worked with mxmtoon on a remix of his song “Line Without a Hook.” The song, which blew up in 2020 on TikTok, has been reinvisioned as a duet. (Photo is public domain)

Friday, February 5, popular indie artists Ricky Montgomery and mxmtoon (aka Maia) dropped a surprise collab version of Montgomery’s song “Line Without a Hook.”

A day or two before the remix came out, Montgomery made a TikTok announcing this surprise collaboration. He also explains how the song briefly went viral on TikTok last year, which inspired him to make the remix with mxmtoon, another indie musician popular on TikTok.

Similar to Montgomery, mxmtoon also had a song of hers, “Prom Dress,” go viral on the app back in 2019.

For Montgomery, “Line Without a Hook” wasn’t the only song of his to blow up on TikTok. It was one of two songs off of his 2016 album Montgomery Ricky to go viral, the other being “Mr. Loverman.”


This fresh version of the song includes a new verse and bridge by Maia that makes the song sound more like a dialogue between two people, as opposed to the original, which felt more like an unanswered plea by the speaker. For those interested in the change in lyrics, they uploaded a lyric video for the feature version on Ricky Montgomery’s official YouTube channel (there’s a lyric video for the original too).

In addition to the new song, Montgomery announced Tuesday the premiere of the “Line Without a Hook ” music video through a tweet. Included in the tweet were some spoiler photos. The video premiered on Thursday, February 11, at 11 am EST.



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