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K-Pop Twitter Rises Again

When #ImpeachBidenNow began trending on Twitter, it was initially a call to impeach the new president. However, “K-Pop Twitter” took over the hashtag, so it’s full of compilations and edits of their favorite groups, drowning out the heated debates over Biden.

A Viral TikTok Star 


They just be sliding in again like nothing happened 🤣🐍 ##ex ##ZodiacSign ##exes ##dating ##relationships ##timewarpwaterfall ##worm ##snake

♬ Disney Pictures Intro – Disney Pictures

@yoleendadong is a social media star who has made many viral videos. She has 8.5 million followers and is a favorite TikToker to many, producing funny and relatable content for people to enjoy.

The Feud Continues

The internet blew up when Olivia Rodriguez dropped her emotional single “Driver’s License” weeks ago, but Sabrina Carpenter is clapping back. Singled out in Rodriguez’s song as a source of insecurity, Carpenter released her own song “Skin”, deepening their feud.


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