How to Resell Clothes for a Profit


Selling your old clothes online is extremely rewarding. Not only does it turn an easy profit, but it provides new clothing for someone that needs it. (Photo from Pexels/Kai Pilger)

Reselling clothes is an excellent way for teens to make some easy money with little commitment. It is an especially useful tool for teens who do not have the time or resources to get a job. Reselling also means you are not throwing away clothes that somebody else could use or need.

But for any new sellers, it can seem a little overwhelming to start selling online. Hundreds of apps and marketplaces cater to specific audiences and they all have their own rules and regulations. 

Here are some tips on how to get started on a successful path in the online selling world.

Will it Sell or not?

When selling clothes online, the first thing to consider is if someone will buy it. Many factors go into what will sell and what will not sell online.

For example, slightly damaged items are not always worth selling. Any item with even the tiniest flaw has to be labeled as such when you post it. While some people are willing to give these items a chance, you will still have to lower the price since it is a damaged piece. This means that some pieces are just not worth selling for the small profit and should just be donated instead. 

Also, avoid listing items with no brand name recognition. As shallow as it sounds, buyers sometimes avoid items that are not from a well-known brand. They will not be as drawn to that shirt you picked up from Macy’s when there is a top from Hollister right under it. 

When looking at what brands sell best, mama & money has a great list included in their selling guide.

Preparing Sale Items

Before taking any photos of clothing, make sure there are no spots or stains that should be cleaned. Also, make sure to get any wrinkles out with an iron or steamer. The cleaner your items look, the better they sell.

Setting up Your Listing

Photos are extremely important when it comes to online selling. “Having the right styling and lighting is my main opportunity to engage my customer,” said Colleen, founder, and manager of a shop called Amannequin, to FashionInsta. Good lighting is achieved with everything from natural light to bedroom lamps, it all depends on what you have on hand.

Also, make sure to take photos of all items from multiple angles since a buyer cannot see it in person.

On the other hand, descriptions are a little more difficult. Make sure to be extremely detailed and list even the smallest details. Size, color, cut, and many other factors have to be listed to increase the likelihood of selling your item. 

Pricing for Amateurs

The easiest way to pick a price is by doing market research. Market research is checking a range of websites to see how they priced your item on their site. This will help you figure out how to price your item without losing profit or making your client overpay.

Make sure to consider any extra costs as well. Shipping fees, packaging, and listing fees can all apply to different selling platforms. So make sure to include any extra costs into the price to avoid losing any profit.

Picking Where to List

Figuring out where to list your second-hand clothes is overwhelming, to say the least. There are thousands of sites that specialize in anything from luxury items to sneakers. You have to look into what works best for you and your inventory.

If you are willing to package and ship what you sell, you have a wider range of options. Poshmark, Vinted, and Depop are just a few of the popular options you have if you are willing to ship. All of these sites have a very large platform with a diverse assortment of clothing. Poshmark is especially convenient because they will send you priority boxes from USPS with prepaid labels to make shipping as easy as possible.

On the other hand, if you want to sell locally, Facebook Marketplace is a great option. Facebook has no listing fees, and you can choose if you want to list locally or ship depending on what groups you sell your clothes on. You can either leave your item on your porch or meet in a public place to exchange payment, it all depends on what you and the buyer agree to.

Online selling is such an easy and fun way to make money from the comfort of your own home. It should not be stressful for anyone and if anything, I should be seen as an exciting new business venture. If you follow all these tips, you are sure to get a great start in the second-hand selling community.


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