History and Importance of The Evil Eye


The evil eye is most commonly found on jewelry and home decor. The person who owns an evil eye can use it as a protection.(Photo from Photos for Class)

Many companies incorporate the evil eye — commonly dark blue with inner rings to form the iris and pupil — into many products all across the globe. Whether it’s jewelry, home decor, or clothing, the evil eye has found its way into the hands of many people.

There is a lot of meaning behind the evil eye and an extensive history to go along with it. As a cultural symbol, there is a discussion around whether people should use or associate the evil eye with certain things. Respecting the background of the evil eye is hard to do with the lack of education and the integration of the evil eye into the mainstream shops.

The evil eye dates back to Ancient Greece in 6th century B.C. In that time period, the evil eye was oftentimes seen on drinking vessels. The evil eye was also prominent within religious ceremonies; the Greeks saw it as a symbol of the Devil and envy. This idea spread and amplified through many other cultures and religions all over the world. Click here to read more about the advancements and changes to the evil eye throughout time and different places.

If someone were to give you an “evil eye”, they would be wishing negative things for you or viewing you in a jealous way. A glare or a scowl at another person is also associated with the “evil eye”. People use the actual symbol of the evil eye as a protection against these pessimistic sentiments.

In order to protect oneself from these evil forces, one could wear the evil eye symbol in some form. Many people believe that amulets and talisman displaying the evil eye reflect the power created by the evil intentions or look of another. Placing the evil eye in your house, vehicle, or wearing it on your body are all ways you can protect yourself. Evil eye products come in many different sizes, colors, and materials. The specifics can add extra protection; for example, an evil eye made of a specific crystal can potentially assist in saving you from further harm.

There are many different superstitions and beliefs surrounding the evil eye. One of the most popular ones is that if you are not gifted an item with the evil eye, it will not work in protecting you. If you purchase it yourself, the evil eye will no longer be effective. Another one is that if the evil eye product breaks, it has done its job in protecting you.

Before purchasing an evil eye item, make sure you are aware of the cultural background and its importance in many societies. Being safe while incorporating a sacred symbol into your life is the most important thing to do when it comes to the evil eye.


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