Why Betta Fish?


Caption: Cosmo, happy and healthy, swimming in his bowl. Betta Fish have smart and curious personalities, and love to interact with their owners. (Photo Courtesy of Viviana Straniero) 

During the COVID-19 lockdown, some students felt the desire to adopt a personal pet into their lives. With the luring idea of responsibility and care, came a simple solution — buy a betta fish. 

Teenagers tend to want the feeling of independence or responsibility. Fish are undemanding, a lot less expensive than other pets, and have a shorter lifespan. 

Now, this is nothing against other animals. Fish are not the superior pet, but when it comes to their bright colors and relaxed personality, it explains why many teens buy for a beginner pet.  

“I was bored over quarantine, and I wanted something that I could take care of,” said Nina Hamon via text, a student at Leesville Road High School. 

“I started to form a routine with him, and then he died,” said Nina. Even though her betta ended up dying, he did create some structure in her life when there was nothing going on due to COVID. 

To take care of a Betta fish, the owner has to have the right water balance by adding a water conditioner to the water. They also need to feed it specific food in order for the Betta fish to stay healthy. 

“I bought a Betta fish because it is a low maintenance pet that makes good company for my brother who just left for college,” said Sydney Irby, a student at Leesville Road High School. 

Although they are not everyone’s first choice of a pet, they do make for a companion. It is also not likely that someone makes an emotional attachment with a fish — making it easy to let it go.   

Watching teenagers take care of something is refreshing. While the country continues through COVID-19, Betta fish can continue to add some purpose to people’s lives. 


  1. Im sorry but that betta is FAR from healthy. Living in a tiny bowl, with plastic spiky plants . You can tell she (yes, its a she) is extremely stressed as she is almost completely gray. None of those ‘bright colours’ that you are talking about.
    Do better, animal abuse is never okay, even if it’s ‘just a fish’.


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