Students’ Opinions on Homework

Students at LRHS have a complicated relationship with homework -- some love it while others hate it. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary aspect of school. (photo courtesy of Corinne Kutz on Unsplash)

High school students spend hours a week on homework and have a variety of opinions.

“Homework affects me both positively and negatively,” said Jordann Smith-Burgess, junior, in a text. Students know that homework is beneficial to their education, but there are ways in which it could be changed. 

Homework is time consuming which negatively affects teens. Cerys Merriman, junior, texted; “[I]spend at least four hours on homework.” 

 Each student takes a different amount of time on work. Spending less time is Trevor Darnell, junior, who via text said he spends “probably 2-3 hours a day,” Brett usually spends “around 4-5 hours on homework,” and Jordann usually takes “up to 5 hours on homework.”

Regular school takes 6 hours and homework sometimes takes more than 5 hours to complete- this is negatively affecting students’ lives because this leaves them barely any free time. 

Students do understand that homework is necessary for their learning. Merriman said that it helps her with her assessments because it helps her find where she is confused and needs to “spend the most time working on.” 

Burgess said homework helps her.  “[Homework let’s me] fully understand what’s going on in class.” They appreciate truly learning material.

There are also ways in which students would like to see teachers change their work. Darnell would want the content of work to be “relative to the information we are learning” because sometimes teachers don’t effectively match the homework to what was taught in class. 

Brett Rothman, senior, said there should be more options for homework– that way students can practice based on their learning style. Burgess would change the amount of work given to students outside asynchronous time, so that students could spend time on out-of-school priorities. 

The general student opinion on homework is that it’s helpful, but there are aspects of it that they would like changed; a smaller amount of work, work that’s related to what they learn in class, and different options for assignments so that students can practice based on their learning style.


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