Social Media: Which platform is favored the most at Leesville?

The logos of a variety of different social media platforms; which have, and continue to rise in popularity across teenage age groups. Photo in public domain.


Social media heavily influences today’s adolescence. Over the course of a few years, there has been a creation of a variety of different social media platforms; there has been a rise and fall in the popularity of different platforms. From today’s top platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and most recently, TikTok–have intrigued the world has been intrigued by each platform’s form of entertainment and social engagement. 

Opinions of the best social media platform is forever changing–in an Instagram poll, conducted by myself, there was a collection of students’ preferred social media platforms. The results came in as 0% of students favoring Facebook, 11% favoring Snapchat, 23% favoring Instagram, 29% favoring Twitter, and the winning social media platform was TikTok, with 37% of voters favoring the platform. 

In a series of interviews, Leesville students were asked to elaborate on why their preferred social media platform was their favorite, “My favorite platform is probably Instagram because it is the most versatile and can be used in a variety of ways: expression, entertainment, entrepreneurship, information, cultural influence. I think it’s probably the most engaging and platform,” said Lanie Edelson, a junior at Leesville Road High.

“Definitely TikTok, it’s the most entertaining for sure. There’s dance videos, art videos, videos just for a good laugh. I could stay on TikTok for hours at a time,” said Madeline McHugh, junior.

In agreement with McHugh, Junior Kelly Oldham, explains why she prefers TikTok as well, “I think it’s TikTok. I feel like it’s probably most popular because it’s the newest platform, but I think it’s the most entertaining. There’s a variety of things to watch on that platform.”

Originally defending Snapchat, Junior Lorena Rivera, soon rethought her choice and sided with Twitter. “Wait, Wait, it’s Twitter,” she said. “Twitter sees everything first, almost every funny thing on Instagram is taken from Twitter. Also, Twitter never glitches, with Snapchat and Instagram, they’re down sometimes and you can’t use them.” 

Agreeing with Rivera, Maria Cortes said, “It’s pure humor, it’s hilarious.”


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