Local greenways tackling boredom

Many people are turning to the local greenways for their daily exercise. They take up activities such as biking, walking, and running on these greenways (photo courtesy of Abigail Mabe).

Coronavirus has allowed for people to reconnect with their surrounding environments. Because of the Stay At Home order in effect for all North Carolinians until April 30, many people want to find a way to stay active outside of their houses. Therefore, many greenways are encouraged to stay open for walking, biking, and running.

Some greenways that are popular in Wake County are the Neuse River Trail and the American Tobacco Trail. The ATT (American Tobacco Trail) is a relatively flat greenway, great for all types of activity. It is very long (approximately 22 miles one way) and takes you all the way from downtown Durham into Chatham County, Cary, and finally into Apex, along the side of old abandoned railroad tracks.

The Neuse River Trail makes its way along the Neuse river, starting at Falls Dam and ending in Johnston County. This is also a relatively flat greenway, and is popular mainly for biking and family activity.

“Around 5 or 6 days a week I am on a greenway,” said Francis Fleming, student at Leesville Road High School, who frequently enjoys going on runs. “There have been a lot of people, specifically families, trying to stay active [who are using the greenways].”

Raleigh has some of the most connected greenways in the United States, so it is positive that they are being put to good use. Most state and national parks have closed down because there was too much foot traffic, leaving options for scenic hiking beyond the backyard to greenways and lake trails.

Some nearby lake paths are the ones around Shelley Lake and Lake Lynn. Shelley Lake also has a greenway that runs off of it and leads all the way to Crabtree Creek on one side and the art museum on the other. Many people have taken a newfound interest getting physical exercise on these greenways and finally realizing their beauty and practicality.

This map shows greenways that are accessible in this area. (Wake County Consolidated Open Space Plan)


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