Distractions in the classroom

Distraction on students phones can prevent them from doing their work. One student can be seen playing a game on their phone rather than working on the computer. (Photo Courtesy of Francis Fleming)

School can be extremely dull for a lot of students at certain times. With the mountain of different classes students find themselves taking, students often do not find any interest in some of their classes. They often find themselves zoning out or pulling out their phones and texting their friends. 

However, these distractions can cause students to get behind on their work in classes or not know what is going on because they were not paying attention. It also distracts teachers from teaching because they are constantly trying to keep students’ attention. 

This cycle of distractions causes teachers to bare down on phone usage in class. Most teachers make students keep their phones in their bags which “seems to help” according to one teacher, but according to one anonymous student,“I wouldn’t be focused in class even if I didn’t have my phone.” 

Some students feel that they would zone out during class or find something to fiddle with if they did not have their phones. According to one student who chose to remain anonymous: “Class isn’t as engaging as it could be for everyone.” 

A lot of students feel a more hands-on-class would help them focus better rather than a class mainly revolving around taking notes. “A lot of people struggle with visual and audio type learning, and kinesthetic learning like in AP Computer Science feels really beneficial because once you do something it’s a lot easier for people to remember it,” said William Adamchik a student at Leesville Road High School. 

Adamchik wishes that core classes like History and Math were more hands on like his AP Computer Science class. 

Not all students feel this way, however. Some students find a way to stay engaged in all of their classes. “I feel like I focus in class and putting my phone in my bag helps keep me from being distracted,” said one student who chose to remain anonymous.

Different students learn different ways, some students find more hands on classes more engaging, while other students learn better and are more engaged by having the teacher talk to them and make them take notes.


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