Offseason training in school sports

Students train all summer in order to prepare for competitions. Cross Country runners never miss an opportunity to race and show how much that training pays off. (Photo used by permission of Terence Fleming)

School sports, especially in the area surrounding Leesville Road High School, can be very competitive. Teams are so competitive that they often end up training during the offseason to make sure the team stays fit and in shape for the regular season. 

However, since the offseason practices occur before tryouts they are usually made optional, but strongly suggested. The difference between players who attend the offseason and those that do not is drastic. 

Even though there is a lot of training and practicing in the offseason, players are definitely not at their peak fitness and skill. “[We are always] trying to learn and try new things rather than the regular season where you are trying to refine what you know,” said Max Buico, a wrestler at Leesville Road High School. 

Testing new strategies and techniques are a big part of the offseason. During the regular season athletes should be peaking or at their peak performance in order to do well in their respective sports, so learning and strategizing during the offseason is crucial.

The athletes themselves find that they perform better during the regular season after doing offseason workouts. “You’re able to be more physical and are more conditioned during the regular season,” said Daniel Lee, a football player at Leesville Road High School. Lee feels that during the regular season he is much stronger and faster than he would have been without offseason workouts. 

“Most of my teammates make big jumps in the offseason,” said Buico. Offseason training is one of the most important factors to having a good regular season. As the wrestling saying goes, “summer training makes winter champions.”

The only reason offseason training exists is because of how competitive sports can be during the regular season. Training over breaks or any time other than the regular season is almost always optional, and is not needed to participate in most sports.

However, teams often find more success while doing offseason training, and since teams want to be successful and win offseason training is something that teams will focus on doing. Even though it may be hard, unpleasant, and never-ending it is always worth it to bring home a big win against tight competition.


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