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Open House for Rising Freshman

Open House for Rising Freshman
Isabella Parsons and Daryn Wilkerson, juniors, at Leesville’s open house for rising freshman. Parsons and Wilkerson are a part of the Leesville Liaisons, who provide tours of the school. (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Jumma)

As the school year comes to a close, numerous rising ninth graders will start to register for their freshman classes. This year, Leesville hosted an open house for parents of rising freshman, which allows parents to gain general information about the award-winning school.

This year, the Orchestra students played soothing music at the entrance while blue and green balloons adorned the front table, where parents were greeted with a schedule for the evening.

The Leesville Liaisons gave tours from 5:30 to 6:00 p.m, and the opening session started at 6:15 and lasted until 6:35 p.m.

Some parents of rising freshman already had children  part of the Leesville High School student body while others had not been inside of a high school since their high school career.

A majority of the parents were thrilled to that their child would be attending Leesville in the fall of 2018. “I’m excited for [my child] to be exposed to more electives, and have more of a grown-up experience than what he would have had in middle school,” said Ryan Clifford, a future Leesville parent.

For other parents, Leesville Road High school is an appealing choice because of the how diverse the student body is.  “I am excited that Taylor will be able to meet a more diverse group of students and peers, and I am also excited for the added responsibility to prepare her for life,” said Alyssa Estrela, a fifth grade teacher at Brassfield Elementary, whose daughter Taylor is a rising freshman.

Although Estrela is excited for the new school year, and the academic challenges it may bring but reserved about the enormous size of the school and the student body. “Taylor is coming from Pine Hollow Middle School which is a fairly small school,” said Estrela. “I’m afraid it’s going to be a little overwhelming for her.”

Ken Tysiac, another parent at Leesville’s open house, is also looking for his son, Ken Tysiac, III, to be exposed to experience all of the elective courses Leesville has to offer. “I think Leesville has a really outstanding bunch of opportunities for high school students,” said Tysiac.

Tysiac is also uncertain about the size of Leesville’s student body, and the school itself. “Well just as the big school is an opportunity, it’s also something that might be a little bit overwhelming for somebody who is coming from a small middle school, which is a slightly concerning,” said Tysiac.

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