Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

Overall, Black Panther has the fifth-highest gross for an opening weekend in history, and it beat out Deadpool for highest gross for a President’s Day weekend.

Black Panther is not only popular for its cast and plot but for its soundtrack as well. The movie’s soundtrack features popular artists such as SZA, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and Travis Scott, among others.

The movie itself crushed records by bringing in a whopping $218 million on its first release weekend. Saying that there wasn’t a ton of people waiting to flood into the theatre, just to see Black Panther would be a massive understatement.

There were literally people dressed, full out, in costumes of African representation. It was crazy awesome! If anything, Black Panther has to be one of the most iconic movies to have come out recently, because of what it symbolizes to the black community.

Black Panther certainly lived up to all the hype it’s been receiving. It was groundbreaking, amazing, suspenseful, dope, riveting, indescribably breathe-taking and more.  There are absolutely no words that can fully convey the experience of watching the Black Panther. I recommend this movie to anybody who loves, superhero movies, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, and just pure awesomeness. I can proudly say that I fully support this movie and the meaning behind it as well.

The scenes were action-packed, fast paced, and suspenseful. The movie’s plot was simple yet complex, enthralling the audience (including myself) even more into the movie. The soundtrack  that went along really well with the article making the viewers’ experience even better. All the sci-fi included within it gave the audience that “awe” moment. My generalized (so that I don’t reveal too much) version is that the movie was really cool and interesting.

As the first major superhero movie with a majority black cast, Black Panther is revolutionary.

The movie is one of few that gives black kids something to look up to.

Black Panther, having a majority black cast, is what makes it so powerful to the black community. It glorifies the strength, will, and pride of black people. It doesn’t show them as a lesser version of a white man, which nowadays has sadly become an expected thing. Its expected to see the minority of the movie die first, be affiliated with violence, or be villian. The Black Panther changes the game.  It displays blacks as a proud people willing to fight for what they believe in and for those they love, without second thought. It makes one feel proud to be black.

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