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Sophomores and Juniors take the PSAT

Sophomores and Juniors take the PSAT
As the sophomores and juniors prepare to take the Pre SAT, they have different goals that they want to achieve through the test. From practicing before the real SAT to potential scholarship money, everyone there has a different reason in participating. Photo courtesy of Izzy Parsons.

On October 11, 2017 juniors, sophomores, and freshmen went to take the PSAT. It lasted from 7:25 am until 11:30 am all throughout the school and it tested on their knowledge of grammar, reading comprehension, and math.

Some of the many reasons that students participate in the PSAT is to evaluate their skills for the SAT and receive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. It is also a chance to compare scores to your future college’s expectations. For Jack Irby, sophomore, this is the case. “I took the PSAT in order to prepare for the real SAT and get a feel for what it will be like next year” said Irby.

Another big element that factors into the decision to take the PSAT is the possibility to receive the National Merit Scholarship. The National Merit Scholarship is only available for 11th graders, and is an academic competition for college scholarships. By placing in the top one percentile, you are eligible to receive up to a $2500 scholarship.

Dante Tomaino, a junior, took the PSAT mostly to try and receive the National Merit Scholarship. “I mainly took the PSAT to try and receive the National Merit Scholarship because it can really help with college tuition and I try to apply to any scholarships that I can,” said Tomaino.

Good job to everyone who participated and helping prepare themselves for the SAT!


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