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Leesville Pray Circle

Leesville Pray Circle
Leesville students unite to come together in prayer. The circle brings a positivity to the start of the school day. Photo courtesy of Kyla Stone Houze.

Leeville’s prayer circle is like one of many others occurring in Durham and Wake County schools. The group responsible for the wave of various prayer circles throughout Durham and Raleigh schools is known as Onelife, a youth ministry for teens, that is connected to World Overcomers Christian Church (WOCC).

Leesvilles prayer circle has been going on since 2016. Prayer circle is held in the courtyard in the morning at 7:10 am, every Tuesday and Thursday. The prayer circle was established by two former seniors, Lauren McNamara and Zekia Ivory.

The current leaders of the prayer circle are seniors Cj Azubuike and Jaron Peddy.  Azubuike was very descriptive as to why he had accepted the offer of being the head of prayer circle.

“I accepted [the offer of being the head of prayer circle] because as I was getting closer to God and [rising] to another level of my Christianity, I felt that I could uphold that responsibility. I wanted to make prayer circle bigger and better than last year so that people could know and understand the love of God and that they can get through the struggles that they’re going through with the love God has for them as well,” said Azubuike.

Prayer circle has provided students with a positive start to their mornings and has provided aid to them internally as well. “I’ve been attending prayer circle since the beginning of the school year. It’s just amazing to see how much of a positive influence prayer circle can have in people’s lives,” said Edward Garland, Leesville sophomore.

Students aren’t the only one’s who believe that the prayer circle brings an element of positivity, the principal is also supportive of the impact it has.

“All I can say is that anytime students gather, to do something productive and that brings positivity to this school, I think that’s a good thing,” said Dr. Muttillo, Leesville principal.

Overall, the Leesville prayer circle has provided students with the knowledge that they’re not alone in their struggles and that everything will work out as long as there is faith in their hearts. Students don’t have to be Christian to be part of prayer circle, they just need to have faith.

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