Top 8 Netflix Shows

Netflix has a variety of interesting shows that are fit into all sort of genre categories. Netflix has so many series that it’s almost never ending.

Netflix is a widely known and used entertainment program. To put it bluntly, Netflix is quite popular and will probably remain that way for while. Although I have journeyed through a variety of  “Netflix originals” and other shows, there have only been 8 that have caught and kept my attention

8) 13 Reasons Why – 13 Reasons Why is about what happens when the bullying, sexting, betrayed friendships, gossiping, and the sheer loneliness of high-school can get to be too much for teenager Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford).

7) Big Mouth – Big Mouth isn’t for everybody being that it is quite crude and, at times, inappropriate, but there’s an uncanny humor that has kept me watching it. The show follows three main characters who are in middle school, and it illuminates the “awkward stages” or transformations experienced along the way.

6) The Mist –  The Mist surrounds a family in Maine, who is torn to shreds due to a despicable crime. They, along with the rest of the people in their small town, are isolated from the world outside city limits when a mysteriously deadly fog magically appears, carrying bloodthirsty monsters within it. Soon, the townspeople are forced to fight not only for themselves but for each other, as secrets unravel and questions are answered.

5) Atypical – Atypical is a very different and a somewhat insightful show. The show follows the high school experiences of Sam (Keir Gilchrist), a teenager who lives on the “Autism Spectrum”. Throughout the first couple episodes, Sam’s strong need to feel more independent, experience romance, and to know what it is to be the usual highschooler is shown.

4) Jane The Virgin –  Jane The Virgin is an exact example of just how complicated life can get. It creates several themes of family values, prejudice, commitment, love, lust, and the desire to achieve more than your parents did. The show follows main character Jane (Gina Rodriguez), a 20-something woman who is determined not to have sex until marriage, due to the fear of becoming pregnant in the early years of her life.  However, a routine check up at the doctor’s turns her life inside out.

3) Riverdale – Riverdale is the very symbol of teenage life —  both light and dark parts. The light part is the value of friendship, love and hope contrasting the darkness some teens face like suicide, family pressures and its responsibilities as well as heartbreak. The series is definitely school-break binge material.  There so many twists and turns in the series that it’s hard to create a general summary of the whole show. However, let’s just say that most of the events in Riverdale are an after-effect of the mysterious death of a popular varsity football player.

2) Marvel’s Daredevil – Marvel’s Daredevil is like other superhero shows and movies–it’s packed full of action with personal drama in between. The show really isn’t that deep, there are themes of friendship or internal struggle due to deep seated issues within oneself thrown in, but other than that it’s more of a entertainment show with cool moves in it. However, the interesting part about what makes Daredevil different from the other marvel shows or movies, is that the hero orn “Daredevil’ is blind. That trait is what creates more of an interesting story makes that crowd want to know more.

1) The Walking Dead – The Walking Dead is a widely known shown, its been broadcasted for some years now and is on its 8th season. Overall, by watching various episodes, one could conclude that the nature of man is survival or more like it’s “survival of the fittest”. The Walking Dead is set in the post zombie apocalyptic world where people are forced to kill, fight, steal, and ally with each other for survival. The Walking Dead is not only about survival but about the value of family as well. Throughout the seasons, hard decisions are made based off of the safety of the “family” or group. The show may be extremely too syfy for some, but it’s actually has a deeper meaning than just the killing of zombies.

Most of the series listed above are parts and tiny pieces of everything Netflix has to offer. Their genres range from light-hearted laughter to the eerie darkness of reality. When looking for new shows to watch on Netflix, remain open to its various options, you never know what you might like.


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