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MNHS Influences Students Interested in Mathematics

On October 12, Math National Honor Society held their inductions during B lunch in the auditorium. Students that applied for the honor society during the second week of school were finally sanctioned as official members of the club.

To become a member, students had to have completed Math III, at least one honors-level math class, at least two math classes during high school, and must have a GPA in math classes of 3.5 or higher.

“[I decided to apply for MNHS because] I like math, and I think I’m good at it. I wanted to give the opportunity to tutor other people… Remembering stuff from previous math classes will hopefully help me to go to college,” said McKenzie Gower, Leesville junior.

After a weeks wait, students that were accepted into MNHS received a letter informing them of their approved application and invited them to the induction ceremony to be hosted in two weeks.

The induction ceremony commenced with the society officers reading a brief history of mathematics. Afterwards, all new society members were called onto the stage and were asked if they were willing to accept the bylaws of the society. The inductees responded with a collective “I do” and were officially recognized as new members of Math National Honor Society.

Gower said, “[My favorite part about MNHS is] probably the club meetings, just meeting everyone and talking about math. We’ve only had one meeting so far but I’m already enjoying it.”

MNHS will continue meeting the second Thursday of every month during B lunch to discuss math competitions and to tutor students who may struggle with their math class.


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