Pride women’s soccer spring into the season with beginning of workouts


After a long break filled with rest and relaxation, the Pride athletics department ring in the new year by jumping into work on the fast-approaching spring season. Women’s soccer is among the several spring sports that began workouts on Tuesday, January 3. They will run every week (except during exams) on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school for 90 minutes.

In previous years, women’s soccer started workouts early in December, however this year workouts were delayed from starting until January 3

Paul Dinkenor, the returning head coach, will work with the varsity team along with help from assistant, Sarah Cade. Although new to Leesville, Mike Tetreault will coach the JV team. Coach Tetreault came from Northern Durham high school and will begin his first year at Leesville with coaching the JV girls soccer team. Coming from a school not known their soccer tradition, he is ecstatic to begin the season here at Leesville.

Workouts are a great opportunity to showcase talent before tryouts begin February 13. Typically, workouts consist of small sided scrimmages and some type of fitness at the end to get all the players in shape for the season. Since pre-season workouts are mostly player-ran, the seniors are in charge of organizing workouts.

Rachel Golden, a senior who has been on the Pride women’s soccer team for three years, is one of the players who organize the workouts. “Workouts are designed to introduce soccer players to the women’s soccer program and give them a taste of what the program is like and help them better prepare for tryouts so they have a better chance of making the team,” said Golden.

For those trying out for any sport, workouts are highly encouraged. Players want to make sure that they showcase their talent as much as they can and demonstrate their dedication to the program going into tryouts.

For more information on the women’s soccer team follow coach Cade on twitter @Mrs_Cade_LRHS or visit the LRHS athletics website


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