Apple Watch Review

Rose Gold series 1 Apple Watch with a customized time preface. These watches are available for purchase in many stores with an electronics department. (Photo Courtesy of Yazmin Battee)

Apple is constantly creating new products to make the lives of their customers more convenient and entertaining. Fortunately for the customers, that’s exactly what they did with the creation of the Apple Watch series.

The most basic model of the apple watch– Series one– gives users some kind of access to iPhone features such as text messages, GPS, calls, emails, and many more apps while also providing an efficient fitness tracker.

In order to set up this device, it must be connected through Bluetooth. In addition to connecting through bluetooth, another requirement for this device to work is for the Apple Watch app to be activated along with the watch.  

Display options are also available for customization on this watch by giving the options to change the display of the time, change in background photos (must be selected through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone), and the organization of the apps in the overall menu. The face of the watch is offered in gold, silver and rose gold just as the new generation iPhones. The immediate strap that comes with the purchased watch matches the face of the watch, however they too can be customized when alternate straps are purchased.

Any push notifications activated on the phone not only alert on the phone when the watch is connected, but an alert is also sent to the watch. The alert on the watch is a simple vibration followed with a sound that can be muted or turned up simply but a turn dial.

Both the series 1 and series 2 Apple Watches are designed with heart rate monitors on the side of the watch that will make direct contact with the user’s wrist. This allows the heart rate features of the watch to provide users with accurate readings using the information detected through the monitor. Not only does the fitness tracker use the information– but the watch also has an alert programmed to remind user’s to “stand up” or “breathe” when the detected heart rate is rising.

The fitness features include a pedometer, a long time graph that displays the time and amount of activity, a heart rate monitor, a calorie counter/calorie burner, a setting that allows users to set calorie burning goals, and many other features useful for fitness purposes. Users are also notified of their weekly progress of meeting their step and calorie goals regularly reminding them no matter how close or far they are from meeting them.

Users may also compose any type of written message (emails, texts, etc.) using voice detection, or by drawing the words on the face of the watch. Emoji’s are available by menu as is the new IOS option to send pictures by drawing on the face of the watch as well. (Disclaimer: GamePigeon, a popular in message app that allows games to be played through text messages, is not available through the apple watch. Any plays made through the game are not interrupted.) Calls may be sent and answered through the watch, too.

The GPS is only accessible in the watch through turn by turn notifications that send a small vibration through the watch to alert the user when the next direction is coming up. The most frequent locations are also accessible to select directions for, however, most of the navigation through the app has to be done through the iPhone connected.

The second series Apple Watch is very similar to the first series. A major difference however, is the waterproof face the series 2 Apple Watch has vs. the series 1 Apple Watch that is water sensitive. Along with the new waterproof feature, the app access is faster and more efficient with a new WatchOS 3 programming and more in depth access to what features can be reached through the watch.

Overall, this watch is a very convenient tool to have. I use this watch everyday for multiple reasons. Not only does accessing text messages and calls safe my battery life a couple percents, but not having The battery life is fairly short, nonetheless this can be prolonged just like the iPhone by turning down the brightness, keeping the volume down, etc.

This watch keeps me conscious of my calories and steps which motivates me to keep moving. I also have all of my alarms set to my watch so when my phone may not do the trick– my watch will vibrate in a frantic pattern that keeps me on time.

I often misplace my phone, but with the ‘ping’ setting on the Apple Watch, I don’t have to ask someone to call my phone to find it because my watch will send a loud alarm to my phone so I can  find it.

While I am working, working out, or driving, be able to activate my phone through voice control without actually having to pick up my phone makes things easy for me.

I own a series 1 rose gold apple watch and it matches with everything, it’s lightweight, and fashionable. If affordable and interested, this is a smart investment.

This watch is available at most stores with an electronics department and can start from anywhere between $250-$370 depending on the store it was purchased from.



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