Juniors Prepare for the SAT

A student studies for the SAT on Khan Academy. The College Board and Khan Academy have teamed up, helping make study schedules for students. (Photo Courtesy of Ben Zahavi)


As the second semester of junior year starts, students begin to worry about the SAT, a part of the general college application process. The pressures to do well on the aptitude test is rising and the need to prepare is vital for success.

There are many options that students can take to study for the test. From SAT classes, such as Huntington Learning Center or Prep Expert, to prep books, the most important step a student can take is to begin studying and find which method works best for them.

“I got an SAT prep book to work on test questions and practice tests. I personally prefer that over a class,” said James King, a junior taking the SAT on January 21.

​Starting in the 2015-16 school year, the College Board and Khan Academy teamed up to provide free, personalized SAT study resources for all students. Anyone who has taken the SAT or PSAT can sign up for this program, which makes personalized recommendations based on what the student need to practice on the most. Khan Academy offers thousands of practice questions and four official SAT practice tests written by the College Board.

“To study for the SAT, I practiced with Khan Academy. The personalized guided practice really helped get me comfortable with the material,” said Erica Jacobson, junior.

Of course, any amount of practice can’t beat the real thing. Taking the SAT more than once helps  students comprehend the logistics of the test. “I’m going to take the SAT again. Now that I know what was on it, how it is, and what if felt like, I know I’ll do better on it the second time,” said Tushar Varma, a junior who has taken the SAT.

The SAT might be stressful, but practicing for it will only make students more confident with the material. Khan Academy, prep books, and SAT classes are all great ways to practice on the material, and remember it is never too early to start studying.



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