Students prepare for the musical with an audition workshop

The form provided students with directions on how to load their audition song onto a CD. Without this form, many students will not receive the important details about auditions. (Photo Courtesy Isabel Daumen)

With auditions for the spring musical, Bring it On, coming up soon, Katrina Tarson, director and theatre teacher, Tonya Dickens, musical director and chorus teacher, and students alike are preparing with various workshops.

The purpose of these workshops was to prepare interested students for the musical audition process, which can be confusing for those new to theatre.

The first workshop took place on January 3 and focused on the singing and acting portions of the musical auditions. There will be another workshop on January 12 where interested students will learn the audition dance. Additionally, since Bring it On includes a lot of cheerleading, students auditioning might have to learn and complete a cheer routine, as well.


During the workshop, Tarson and Dickens went over all the “do’s and don’ts” of auditioning, and advice for picking songs and monologues.


Jaeden Flagg, sophomore, said, “There are certain songs and monologues that are overdone for auditions.” Tarson advised students to avoid picking songs or monologues from popular musicals.


Before students even audition for the musical, they must pick an audition time slot, create a CD with their audition song, and complete an audition form, which includes questions ranging from  “Do you have any musical theatre experience?” to “Are you willing to dye your hair?”


The workshop successfully taught new and interested students more about the audition process. Flagg said, “[The workshop] definitely was helpful for new people. It told you how auditions work  here. If I hadn’t gone to the workshop last year, I wouldn’t have known to sign up. It was really helpful and it gave you a lot of information.”


Erika Youman, sophomore new to the musicals at Leesville, said “[The workshop] gave us all the information we needed to be prepared and have a successful audition.”



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