Roger’s Coaching Class Doesn’t Make Schedule

Jack Rogers coaching lifetime sports for Fall Semester. He hopes by next fall Methods of Coaching will also be on his schedule.

Last year, several students were lined up outside of Coach Jack Rogers door to sign up for a coaching class they were excited to take. Unfortunately, when students received their schedules, they were disappointed to find out the class had been canceled.

Late last school year, Rogers was eager to bring a class that would be new to Leesville–methods of coaching.

“I got the idea from a coach at Knightdale that teaches the class,” said Rogers, the Leesville athletic director, gym coach and lifetime sports teacher. “I felt that students [at Leesville] would really enjoy it, so I did everything needed to make it an official class for this school year.”

Since the idea for offering the class came up so late in the school year, there weren’t enough students signed up for the class. Rogers was hoping that the class would appeal to many Leesville students.

“I’m upset because I was interested in [the class], and I know that it would help me in my future if I wanted to pursue swim coaching as a job,” said Hannah Bruno, Leesville junior.

“I was hoping to gain more leadership skills by taking the class,” said Abby Toburen, Leesville senior.

“I feel that the class wasn’t advertised well enough for a sufficient number of students to sign up,” said Rogers.

Questions about whether or not the class will be available for next year have risen, and Rogers is still hopeful that with the right publicity it will be. Rogers plans to have fellow gym coaches tell their students about the class and to have students spread the word about Methods of Coaching.   



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