Class Council commences

As campaigns come to a close and ballots start going out, many campaigners are putting posters with catchy phrases to sway the voters. Many of these posters are located throughout the schools stairways.

Starting the week of September 5 at Leesville Road High School, freshmen started campaigning for the various officer positions on class council, including Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Brian Clarke, a freshman running for Vice President, said that his past experience helps him build up the confidence to run for office. “When I was in middle school, I ran for class representative and Vice President,” said Clarke.  Although he didn’t win Vice President, he did win Class Representative, which helped him work on the team building skills and speaking abilities needed to be on Class Council.

Another candidate running for Vice President is Meredith Handy. Handy describes herself as “creative and very organized,” which she feels makes her a good fit for the job. Some of the Vice President duties include working with the Treasurer in the creation of a meeting calendar, assisting the President in the preparation of a meeting agenda and even assuming the President’s duties when needed.

Ballots went out Sept. 13, and the candidates are having some mixed feelings about the upcoming election. “I’m really excited,” said Handy. “But I also feel a little nervous.”

Clarke also is feeling the heat of the competition said, “It’s really fun to run, but I feel like it depends a lot on your social skills. If you are really shy and don’t talk to a lot of people, you may not have many people voting for you, but if you are really popular and outgoing than lots of people will think you could do a good job to represent.”

No matter who wins the officer position, all the freshman candidates are more than capable when it comes to playing their part in the Leesville student government.


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