Leesville Political Club Brings Students Together

Daniel Ebbighausen, a sophomore at Leesville, creates a list of discussion topics for future club meetings. As the club’s student leader and organizer, Ebbighausen plays an important role in facilitating group debates and activities. (Photo courtesy of Ray Youman)

Students who are aware of current events developing in our country usually long for their opinions on subject matters to be heard. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to voice these opinions in class or in peer-to-peer discussions due to intimidation from others and a desire to fit in.

Formed several years ago as a student-led, teacher-supervised organization, the Leesville Political Club serves to provide a “safe place for students to discuss political topics related to America,” according to Mr. Bacon, a teacher at LRHS. As the current “sponsor and facilitator” of the club, Mr. Bacon oversees and adds input to the discussions and the debates that students partake in during the school’s Smart Lunch hours.

The club’s student-president, Daniel Ebbighausen, helps to create new topics of political discourse for members of the club to partake in.

“When I was coming from middle school, I knew nothing about politics except that my family was Republican,” said Ebbighausen. “I think it’s important that students become more politically involved in order to become good citizens, in order to know what’s going on around them”.

If you’re a student with an eye for politics and want to voice your opinion on developing current events, stop by the next Political Club meeting in Mr. Bacon’s room. The club meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays in Room 129.


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