Leesville experiences bus delays

Students on their way to their designated buses. The increase in students at Leesville has caused bus delays.

Since the first day of school, there have been constant delays in many students’ bus schedules. Due to these delays, students have been getting to school later than usual.

Students are not happy with these delays and find it  frustrating when they get to school late. “It’s annoying because I can never get to school on time,” said Amy Mensah, a sophomore.

Though the buses have been picking up students later than last year, none have missed the first bell. Considering the 2,500 students Leesville has, Kathryn Fehling, administrator in charge of bus transportation, considers the bus times “reasonable”.

The buses are also not entirely under Leesville’s control. “When the budget got passed, cuts were made to transportation,” said Fehling about why Leesville is having delays.  

“[The buses] are running incredibly well this morning. All the buses were arriving before the first bell,” said Fehling. The buses are arriving before the first bell, however they aren’t coming early enough to let students settle in before class.
For now, students will have to adapt to the new bus schedule until it returns to normal.


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