From student to teacher

Bouchard asks her students a question in Spanish during her second period Spanish II class. According to her, the majority of her students are tenth and eleventh graders.

Alexandra Bouchard was a former student at Leesville Road High School. She has returned to teach Spanish for the 2016-2017 school year after graduating from UNC-Wilmington.

Bouchard didn’t always know that she would go into teaching. After graduating from LRHS in 2011, she planned to get a degree in nursing. “[I] realized that I didn’t really like science and continued taking Spanish classes after high school and into college,” said Bouchard.

She enjoyed her Spanish classes so much that she decided to teach the language. “I just wanted to share [my love for Spanish] with people and it seemed like a good idea to teach.”

She came back to Leesville because she “knew what a good school it was and wanted to be part of that team.”

Bouchard is now working with her former teachers. “It’s really cool to collaborate with teachers that taught me because I can see… it from a different perspective; I can see the teacher’s side of it rather than the student side,” Bouchard said.

Bouchard is teaching two doors down from her former Spanish teacher, Sra Sollie. Sra. Sollie enjoys working with her ex-student. “It’s really cool [to be working with Mrs. Bouchard]. It’s kind of like full circle for me.”

Lizzy Rohs, a sophomore who takes Spanish II with Bouchard, said she is sweet and helpful. “I love her. She’s really passionate about Spanish because she loves teaching and loves what she’s doing and I think that’s great because when you have a teacher that loves something as much as she does you will learn from her.”

“It’s such a great school,” said Bouchard. She is teaching Spanish I and Spanish II this semester.


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