• July 31, 2021

The weightlifting club, founded by Kendall York, is one of the newest clubs at Leesville.

With four years of habitual lifting under his belt, one national record and four state records, Kendall was finally able to translate his passion into something he could share with Leesville.

“Everyone is welcome,” said Kendall, “even those with no prior weightlifting experience.”

During meetings, the club enjoys discussing proper form, proper use of supplements, and of course lifting weights.

The club even hopes to take a few members to compete in a competition later this spring.

“What I enjoy most about weightlifting club is the camaraderie of being around all the people who share the same interest as me,” said Brock Johnston, member of the club.

The first club meeting of this year remains undetermined as the club is still looking for a proper sponsor. But if you are still interested in improving your weight lifting skills, keep your eyes open for potential dates; for they will be announced prior to each meeting.


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