New Teacher and Coach to Leesville

Mr. McLemore teaching his second period world history class. The students are focused and learning “what they got to learn” said McLemore. (Photo courtesy of Ben Zahavi)

Leesville welcomes a new social studies teacher, and football coach, to the 2015-2016 staff. His name is Mr. McLemore, and his goal for the school year is for his students to make every day a good day.  

McLemore is from Jackson, Mississippi where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Master’s in Arts in Teaching, from Belhaven University.

He may be a new teacher to Leesville, but he is not new to teaching; Leesville is his fourth school within five years of teaching. Mr. McLemore taught as a history teacher at Callaway High School, where he attended as a teenager.

After moving to North Carolina, he taught at Apex High School for a year, then officially began teaching the end of August at Leesville. Mr. McLemore’s experience playing college football at the University of Mississippi qualifies him to coach the defensive line at Leesville, which he calls the D-Dogs.

The coach was impressed at the first football game from the fight of the Pride football team. “It was a whole different experience from [Apex football]” said Coach McLemore, “it kinda reminded me of back home, that’s a good thing.”

The commitment Mr. McLemore shows to his players also shows in his students. He wants every student to “come in, learn, have a good time,” it’s that simple. His most important teaching philosophy is for students is “to learn what they got to learn and try to have a good time doing it.”

After his first week of teaching, Mr. McLemore said,  “I have enjoyed the kids, the faculty and staff have been nice, and administration has been good.” Hopefully for Mr. McLemore the rest of the school year is just as pleasant as his first week.



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