Brain Game at Leesville starting back up

Leesville Road contestants compete in the Brain Games in 2014. Leesville Road has a club devoted to this competition each year.

For all the students that enjoy mind twisters, friendly competition, and TV time, the Brain Game Club is a perfect fit.

The club, led by Rebecca Dupree, is held the first and third day of the month in room 241.  All students are welcome.

A typical club meeting includes watching the show, conquering mind twisters, and having a good laugh.

“We will have questions and basically just quiz each other,” said Dupree when discussing the best way to train for the games.

The games consist of three teams with three players per team, and the team with the most points win. Points are awarded for answering questions correctly; however, points are deducted for incorrect answers.

“If you win your episode then you play another, and you just play until you don’t win anymore,” said Dupree.

With a heartbreaking loss last year by a mere one point, the club hopes to advance further in the playoffs this year. Of course, the team’s overall goal is to win a Brain Game Championship, which will be held in May.

“I really started enjoying it because it’s a fun thing to do,” said Dupree.

If you can’t get enough of Brain Games,  watch the show every Saturday morning at 11:30 a.m. on WRAL. For more information and rules visit here and watch last years games visit here.


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