Senior wall a success

The new addition to Leesville is receiving its finishing touches. The senior wall will soon be completed for all pride members to admire.

After three weeks of work, the senior wall for the class of 2015 is almost completed. Chris Gray, Molly Sparks, Cory Subasic, Mike Austin and Connor Lenhardt deserve recognition for putting forth their time and talent to create a wall for the entire class.

I asked Molly Sparks what were the inspirations and ideas behind the creation of the senior wall. Sparks said, “The brick portion is like peeling back the layers of the other classes to put our stamp on the year and we wanted to have the lion with an open mouth.”

The group wanted to create a wall more simple than the year before which was described as “too busy.”

The tradition of the wall began a few years ago attempting to stop the decorating of the Leesville and O’Neal intersection. The intersection is still being decorated, but the senior wall became a beautiful part of the Leesville campus that can represent the senior class.

Mr. Dinkenor, a teacher who has been at Leesville since before the tradition of the wall started, described this years’ wall as “beautiful.” He believes it must be hard to think of an original idea each year, but the group of artists created something unique.

Chris Gray told us he loves the wall and described it as “the best wall yet.”

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