The icon of Leesville security

Officer Hill writes a ticket for a parking violation. Hill performs a variety of jobs including patrolling campus, checking lunch passes and writing parking tickets.

If you go to Leesville Road High School, you know officer George Hill. Chances are, he knows you, too.

Hill has been keeping the Pride campus safe since February of 2005. After working as an engineer for the WestHouse Company, Hill retired. After a couple years, he decided to go back to the work field and found his calling as the Leesville security officer.

He is considered the icon of Leesville security and is also the most proficient lunch pass checker in the game.

Hill is always available for a friendly hello and is greatly admired by the Leesville students. Chandler Craig, a student at Leesville, expressed her appreciation for Hill: “It always brightens my day to see George pedal by.”

Hill’s daily routine consists of traveling around campus wearing his trademark neon yellow shirt and black baseball cap. He makes sure everything is in order and is running smoothly.

“I ride the bike and look at you guys doing things you’re not supposed to. And then I get to report you,” Hill said with a laugh.

Hill elaborated on the process of reporting students and explained that different situations require different actions. He is responsible for evaluating the situation and calling the proper person. For example, in the case of something serious, such as the break-in of a car, Hill would contact the police. In a less serious case, such as someone sneaking off campus for lunch, then Hill would contact the school’s office.

After the incident is reported, Hill lets the other individuals take it from there. “I’m too old to get in fights and chase people around,” Hill said.

Hill admits to seeing a decline over the recent years in students participating in rowdy behavior on campus. “I guess I’m doing a good job,” Hill said.

That just leaves us one thing to ponder: where would Leesville Road High School be today without officer George Hill?

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