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Ms. Dotson: speed grader

Ms. Dotson, head of the science department, has an above average pace of grading.  Dotson is able to grade and record scores into PowerSchool before the 2:18 bell…on the same day she collects the test or assignment.

With the exception of large projects, Dotson is able to give the students immediate feedback.  Everyone has taken a test and anxiously waited for their score for a whole week.  If Ms. Dotson is your teacher, you won’t need to wait more than a day.

Dotson said she finds it helpful to give her students immediate feedback: “If [the students] have any questions they need to ask, they can.”

This helps students see an accurate grade each day, giving them time to make up any missed work or receive help based on any poor grades they may have.

Dotson’s honors biology students find it helpful to know their grades, especially while receiving so many of them each week.

Taylor Poythress, one of Dotson’s freshman students, said she prefers her teacher to grade in a timely manner because “if you have a bad grade overall in the class, but then receive a good grade, you will be aware of your new grade.”

Dotson said, “I hate grading papers. I get it done fast, so it’s out of the way and done. Then I won’t need to worry about it later.”

Students and the student’s parents are updated each day with a friendly email informing them of the homework, tests and any other due dates.  It is clear Dotson strives to help her students perform to the best of their ability through organization and accuracy.


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