Exec Council talks JDRF

Executive Council members sign the motivational banner saying what “Type” they are. The banner will be hung up in the main lobby during the week of collections, September 15 to the 19.

At the last Executive Council meeting. a group of representatives from JDRF came to speak to the council.

Both representatives were also mothers of children suffering from Type-1 Diabetes. They shared the stories of their children growing up with the disease, as well as talked briefly about the organization itself.

JDRF stands for “Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation,” and they are a 501 (non-profit) charitable organization dedicated to the fight against type-1 diabetes.

The reason for the visit was the upcoming local JDRF walk for the cure on September 25. JDRF came to Leesville to talk about with Exec about the walk as well and how helpful it is. They also left a banner entitled, “Tell Us What Type You Are.” On which students each filled in their own blank in the statement, “I’m the __________ type.”

The banner is supposed to unify the students under the goal while individualizing them and their personalities/reason for fighting.

Starting next week, Monday September 15, Executive Council will be collecting donations for JDRF. Donation collection lasts the whole week until Friday the 19. Leesville historically has always been one of the schools to fundraiser the most, averaging 3,000 to 5,000 dollars in donations.

Leesville hopes to continue the trend this year. Ms. Mayfield, math teach and Executive Council advisor, said, “I’ve had the pleasure of going to some of the meetings, and it really is incredible seeing the money in action. All of the research and programs that go on are an amazing thing.’


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