Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Leesville has been exploring the new system of SMART Lunch that gives students more time to eat lunch, and also attend tutorials.

Although upperclassmen are enjoying the ample time to eat at Moe’s, Cookout, and Chipotle, the underclassmen are experiencing the jungle made out of Leesville cafeteria.  Lunch lines are endless, and seats are limited.

Ms. Buck, head cafeteria worker, said smart lunch is “a major workout for [her] and [her] whole staff.”  She would like to see the students take advantage of the time they are given, instead of rushing to buy lunch first.

However administration has a different opinion and believes SMART Lunch is working out very well.  They believe it will become an even easier system once the students adjust.

When asked if seating was available, Tess Coward, sophomore, said, “Not always, but I always have a teacher who will let me sit in their classroom.”

After a week of SMART Lunch, the tables have been packed 8+ to a four person table.  If students don’t arrive to the lunch room fast enough, there is a small chance there will be a seat available after you have bought lunch.  This is not a result of the cafeteria workers but instead the mass of people also trying to get that last slice of pizza.

Despite the craziness of the lunch period, tutorial time has helped students already to finish homework and receive help from a teacher.  Teachers have been a huge help by tutoring students, and also opening their classroom up to students who want a less crowded lunch period.

Hopefully as the school year goes on, all students will take advantage of the time for tutoring and open areas of the school, creating a less chaotic, more useful lunch period.

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