5 Celebrities I Love To Hate


There is no intro passionate enough to sum up my borderline obsession with these people. Sadly, I have become one of those internet people. I hate people I’ve never met and can’t definitely explain why. Below, I have made a list of five people that I look up for the specific purpose of saying, “that is so stupid….”


5. Miley Cyrus

We all expect her name to show up somewhere in any negative celebrity article. Miley has tried so hard to shed her Disney image, that she’s just become insane. From getting Rolling Stone tattooed on her feet, to glamorizing the use of “Molly”, this girl is off the wall. At first, I expected this to be an oddball, in-between phases, yet it doesn’t seem to be going away any soon. Once Miley saw how much attention, this pill-popping, party-hopping, self-proclaimed “ratchet” image has gained her, she ran with it. While I don’t necessarily blame her for taking advantage of that, I do believe she’s very inauthentic and attention-craving.


4. Every Kardashian

*sigh* Why are these people famous? I simply don’t even understand it. At least the other entries on this list have some sort of talent, but not these people. Kim Kardashian engaged in relations with an irrelevant celebrity on camera and BOOM, she’s a superstar. Being a Hollywood socialite should not be a job description. But once again, I am still obsessed. As these people jump into one relationship after another, I continue to watch. I am one of the reasons that this family is able to make more money than my family while doing absolutely nothing more than a few photo ops and television appearances. Maybe one day, the Kardashian Empire will fall, but for now, they’re hotter than ever.


3. Chris Brown

Chris Brown used to be one of my favorite people on the planet. No one could ever tell me that he was a bad person that ever did bad things because that just wasn’t true. Even after the incident with Rihanna, I was one of the people on HIS side. I was that random girl, on her computer, typing in all caps, “LEAVE CHRIS BROWN ALONE.” And after a while, people did leave him alone. In fact, Chris Brown came back stronger than ever. He gained new endorsements, dropped new singles, and seemed to have done a complete 180 since his incident. But it now seems that since the singer has realized he’s in the “clear” for his past misdeeds, he can just do whatever. Drug fueled rages, assault and battery charges, parking-lot altercations and nightclub brawls have all graced Chris Brown’s image recently.


2. Taylor Swift

I guess I just hate hearing about her love drama. I’m probably jealous.


1. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber seems to be falling into a downward spiral of bad boy behavior and substance abuse. He seems to be following in beloved Chris Brown’s footsteps, without the domestic violence charges. He’s always trying to relate and pretend he’s “one of us”, but what he fails to realize is that we don’t spit on elderly men or attack paparazzi. Growing up in the spotlight may be tough, but I don’t think it causes one to lose every shred of human decency they’ve ever valued.


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