Duolingo the best source for easy language lessons

With summer coming in less than a week, it is to be expected that our brains will turn to mush. It is also expected that a few students will set summer resolutions of sorts. One common wish is to learn more of a certain language. Duolingo is the perfect website for learning a new language for free; the only information users need to plug in is which social media account they would like to connect the website with.

Upon reaching the home page, visitors first sign in through Google, Facebook or e-mail. Duo the Owl then appears with a welcoming message and a list of languages to learn–Spanish, French, German, Portuguese or Italian.

Users soon learn how Duolingo tests language skills: There is first a displayed phrase that is translated when hovered over, then the next screen has a box in which the students type the phrase they just learned.

Once visitors work their way through the single step initiation, the Basics 1 course begins. From typing what you hear to translating, participants find they can absorb the small phrases and words quite easily, thus the beauty behind the program.

Whether looking to brush up language skills or learn new phrases, Duolingo is the way to go.

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